Notable "Historical Events" in the Recent History of Taiwan and the ROC

Date Historical Event
1895 Treaty of Shimonoseki
1912 Republic of China is founded
1937.07.07 Marco Polo Bridge Incident
1941.08.14 Atlantic Charter
1941.12 - 1945.08 World War II in the Pacific
1943.12.01 Cairo Declaration
1945.07.26 Potsdam Proclamation
1945.08.15 Japanese Emperor Announces Surrender
1945.09.02 Gen. MacArthur directs "representatives of Chiang Kai-shek" to come to Taiwan to accept Japanese surrender
1945.10.24 United Nations is founded
1945.10.25 Japanese troops in Taiwan surrender
1947.02.28 - 1950.04.30 The 228 Incident
1949.10.01 People's Republic of China is founded
1949.12 Republic of China supporters flee to Taiwan
1952.04.28 San Francisco Peace Treaty comes into force
1952.08.05 Treaty of Taipei comes into force
1955.03.03 ROC - USA Mutual Defense Treaty comes into force
1971.10.25 Republic of China is expelled from United Nations
1972.02.28 PRC & USA promulgate "Shanghai Communique"
1978.12.16 ROC is notified by USA of impending break in diplomatic relations
1979.01.01 PRC & USA promulgate Second Communique
1979.01.01 Taiwan Relations Act takes force
1980.01.01 ROC - USA Mutual Defense Treaty is cancelled
1982.08.17 PRC & USA promulgate Third Communique
2000.05.20 Democratic Progressive Party wins the Presidency
2008.05.20 KMT regains the Presidency
2016.05.20 Democratic Progressive Party regains the Presidency

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